5 Reasons Why SMS Is The Most Powerful Communication Tool

In this day and age, business owners and marketers constantly seek for the most effective and cost efficient way to market their brand, or to simply keep in contact with customers and staff. Let’s look at 5 reasons why SMS should be your go-to method of communication:

1: 99% open rate:

Yes, this means that if you send an SMS message to 100 contacts, 99 of them will open and read your SMS message. In fact, 90% of those 99 people will open and read the SMS message within 3 minutes of receiving it.

2: Cost effective:

Getting your message across for as little as R0.18 (excl. VAT) per message, will cut your communication and or marketing costs drastically. Phoning each customer is not only a tedious task, but an expensive one too, and e-mails go un-noticed. Which leads to the next reason…

3: No “spam” box with SMS:

Unlike e-mail, when you send out a batch of SMS messages, all messages will go to the inbox of the recipient, and not sit with thousands of junk messages. This means there will be no missed messages.

4: 2-way messaging:

When you send a message to your contacts, they are able to reply to the message, which opens 2-way communication between you and your recipient. They can query your product, confirm that they received the message, anything! They can reply with whatever they want to, and you will receive the reply.

5: Opt-out-able:

Recipients of your SMS messages have the option to opt-out of your messages by replying STOP, or OPT-OUT. Thus automatically preventing you from sending them any further messages.

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