What Not To Do When Sending Bulk SMS

Bulk SMS has been known to increase customer ratings and sales dramatically and cuts down your advertising costs at the same time. Now it is all fine and well blasting an SMS out to a list of cellphone numbers, letting them in on the good news of a special or discount, but there are a few guidelines on what not to do when sending out your batch of SMS messages:

The most important of all: The WASPA code of conduct:

The WASPA code of conduct is the rule book of the industry. All users that register with WinSMS must accept the terms and conditions of WASPA. The rules cover sending SMS messages to cellphone numbers obtained legally by the sender of the user, times to adhere to when sending SMS messages, wording of the SMS message and a whole lot more. To view the WASPA code of conduct, simply visit: https://waspa.org.za/coc/ 

What is the best time to send your SMS messages?

The best way to find out when the best time is to send your SMS messages, is to ask yourself: When would I be more likely to read this SMS? When would it be irritating to receive the message? You should then have a good idea of when to send your messages. The next step is to look at your target audience: what time do they go to work? Are they students? When are they awake? These questions, when answered with sufficient data from your recipient list, will help you send out your batch at the right time.

What should you say?

Keep it short, and to the point. You have a few seconds to grab the attention of your prospective customers, so make sure you get your message across quickly and clearly. If you need to provide more information on your product or service, rather include a link into your SMS which directs the recipient to your website.

Now that you have tips on what to do and what not to do when sending your SMS batches, you can now compose an effective SMS campaign. Click the button below to get started. Or contact us if you have any queries.



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