E-mail To SMS – Your One Stop SMS Facility

E-mail to SMS is exactly what it sounds like it is: it’s an e-mail that is converted to an SMS, and sent to the cellphone number provided in the To: e-mail address field. Why would you want to use SMS if you are using e-mail already? Here are 4 reasons why:

  1. Not everyone is available via e-mail all the time:

Most people do not respond to their e-mails within an hour, which is not convenient if you are needing an urgent reply to your message. With SMS, the message will be read a lot sooner than an e-mail, and a reply is imminent.

  1. Your contact list is all in one place:

Most e-mail clients allow you to assign a cellphone number to your contacts, allowing you to have access to their cellphone number when wanting to send them an e-mail to SMS. A simple copy and paste from the contact will allow you to send them an SMS message.

  1. Replies go straight to your e-mail inbox:

When you receive an SMS reply from one of your contacts, the reply will be delivered to your e-mail inbox. This makes e-mail to SMS even more convenient, as you can send and received both e-mail and SMS from the same program.

  1. No additional software or hardware:

Since you will be using the same program to send your e-mail and SMS messages, you will not need to install any other applications. Also, since e-mail to SMS operates online, you will not need a SIM card or any GSM units to send the SMS messages.

Ready to get stated? Simply visit the e-mail to SMS page here to find out how to set up your very own e-mail to SMS functionality. Don’t have an account yet? Click the button below to register your free account.



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