Online Shopping And SMS

Online shopping has been increasing in popularity ever since the first online transaction in 1994. 14 years later, almost every single person that has used the internet, has purchased something off an online store. Whether it be your monthly groceries, or a gift for your significant other, we all have succumbed to the pressures of shopping online.

SMS has been a great way for online shop owners to communicate with their customers regarding new deals, specials, discounts, order tracking information, delivery information such as delays, or if the package is running on time, and so much more. Not only is it the most cost effective and efficient way of communicating with a client base, but it also boosts your service ratings, which will help your business become popular, and thus increase sales and profit.

How can you start implementing SMS into your online store? You will firstly need to register your free WinSMS account here. Once you have your login name and password, you will be able to test our service by sending out SMS messages to the registered cellphone number of your WinSMS account with the 10 free credits that we will supply to you. How will you incorporate the SMS facility into your store? You have 5 options:

The WinSMS desktop application:

The WinSMS online application:

E-mail to SMS:

Microsoft Outlook Mobile Service (OMS):

Development tools (API):

Simply click on the links to find out more information about the facility, to see if it is the best way for SMS to be utilized for your online store.

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