SMS Marketing – An Effective Marketing Method

If you have been trying to market your business, you are more than likely aware of the different methods that you can use to get in contact with your audience. Many successful companies are using SMS as an effective marketing method to engage with potential or existing customers.

It’s a fact, SMS marketing is one of the most effective ways to market your product or service to your customers. In this current digital age, almost everyone has an active mobile or cellular device, and they are all able to receive SMS. Which is why 65% of businesses rate SMS marketing as an effective marketing tool.

In comparison to another marketing tool, e-mail marketing, SMS has proved to be more successful.

Marketing through SMS has a 45% response rate and an outstanding 98% open rate. It means that if you send 100 messages out to your customers, 98 of them will actually see and read the message. Your message won’t get stuck in a spam filter, or end up in their junk folder.

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