SMS And Tattoos

The tattoo business has grown exponentially in the last 10 years. Popular tattoo artists have been known to have up to an 8 month waiting period for a single hour’s appointment. As a tattoo artist, managing your appointments will be a nightmare without a proper reminder service, this is where SMS can help.

Reminding customers of their appointments:

A quick SMS reminding your customers of their upcoming appointment will not only make sure they arrive on time, but will also boost your customer service rating. With WinSMS, you can schedule SMS messages quickly and easily with the desktop or online application.

Reminding yourself of appointments:

As a popular tattoo artist, your appointments are more than likely jam-packed on top of each other. Keeping track of who is coming in at what time, can be tricky. So why not schedule yourself an SMS message reminding you of which customer is arriving. You can include information about the customer, so that you have a background on him or her before they even arrive.

Getting a tattoo yourself?

Schedule yourself an SMS reminder of your appointment. You wouldn’t want to forget about your slot time and miss getting your tattoo.

Let’s get started:

If you do not have a WinSMS account, simply click on the button below to get started. You will then need to either download the desktop application, or login to your online application. Both are free applications to use when storing your contacts, and sending your SMS messages. Need help? Contact us here.



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