SMS Marketing – Top 5 Benefits For Your Retail Business

As an entrepreneur, you are more than likely aware that running a successful retail business is no easy task. There are many obstacles that you will encounter on this journey. One of these obstacles, if not the most challenging, is connecting with your customers, and relating with them enough that they will want to do business with you. Without this, your business will not receive income, which is the backbone to growing a successful business. This is where SMS marketing is so powerful, keeping your customers coming back because you have initiated and kept a personal conversation with them.

Why does your retail business need SMS?

In recent decades, the amount of people in the world that own cellular phones has increased exponentially, and SMS has been the constant method of communicating effectively. With an impressive 98% open rate, your message is bound to get across to your customers. Now, put together with an effective marketing campaign, your customers will be lining up outside your door for your products and services.

Now onto the 5 benefits of using SMS for your retail business:

  1. A simple way of keeping in touch with your customers:

As we have already covered, with an effective SMS marketing campaign, your customers will receive relatable messages directly to their cellphone handset. You could notify them of specials and discounts, thank them for a purchase, or just send a courtesy follow up SMS message. The list is endless of how you can strengthen your relationship with your customers and form loyalty to your company.

  1. A cost-effective way of advertising:

Many marketers believe that you have to burn a whole in your wallet to run a successful marketing campaign, but not with SMS. Costing you a few cents per message, you can rest assured that every single message that you are sending out is making an impact on your customer. Once you have segmented your databases, your bulk SMS message will be effective in returning your investment on marketing.

  1. Boosting your customers’ responses:

Now that you know that 98% of the messages that you send will be read, your customers are more than likely to respond to your SMS messages, opening a powerful 2-way communication channel which will allow you to hold a conversation with your customers.

  1. A better insight to your target market:

With your customers being able to reply to your SMS messages, you can run surveys and ask for feedback on your products and services. This is vital feedback, as your customers opinions are vital in knowing what you need to change in your business. So that next time, you will have a sharper approach when marketing to your customers.

  1. Reliability:

Unlike e-mail having to go through spam filters, servers, and other filtering, SMS messages go directly to the cellular handset of your customer. The last thing, as a marketer or business owner, that you want is your advertisement not reaching your customer. Sending SMS will allow you to communicate directly with your customers without your messages being stuck in any filters.

Now that you have 5 good reasons to incorporate SMS into your marketing plan for your retail business, let’s get started by creating a free account. Click the button below to get started.



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