SMS and Online Trading

With the sudden rise of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, the popularity of online trading has risen substantially in the last few months. It would seem that everyone you meet and their uncle owns at least a fraction of a Bitcoin, or some form of online currency that they trade with and follow religiously. Let’s look at how WinSMS can help you stay on top of your online markets…

Daily statistics via SMS:

The first thing any online trader does to start their day is to see what the value of their currency is, now imagine having those statistics waiting for you in your cellphone’s inbox first thing in the morning. With the WinSMS API/development tools you are able to develop a messaging system that can forward vital information via SMS to your personal cellphone within seconds. Our API is free, and can be found here.


If online trading is not your full time job, you could forget to log in to your trading profile and make the important adjustments to your investments to make sure that you get the profits you have always wanted. With WinSMS, you can schedule yourself and other cellphone numbers SMS reminders, making sure you never forget to stay up to date with the trading trends.

Telling your friends how awesome online trading is:

With all the affiliate options available with online trading, you can make even MORE money by referring your friends, clients or database. Get in touch with your database and send them a clickable link to your referral page for only a few cents per recipient. Within seconds, you will have an army of affiliates making money for you.

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