SMS Vs. Free Instant Messengers

The question business owners and marketers will always ask, is “how much will it cost?” With all the free instant messenger platforms such as WhatsApp, Blackberry Messenger, Skype, Dasher, and Snapchat, one will wonder why you should pay for an instant messaging tool such as SMS. Let’s look into why you should pay for SMS, rather than use a free instant messenger:

Not everyone has an instant messenger app:

There is no guarantee that all your recipients that you send your message to has the application installed on their cellphone handset. This leaves an unknown delivery rate, which means you don’t know who received, and who didn’t receive your marketing text.

Everyone can receive SMS:

Bottom line is you don’t need to install any application to receive an SMS message. Every single cellphone handset is capable of receiving text messages as soon as you take the phone out of the box. To be able to receive any instant messaging text messages, you need to have the relevant application installed on your handset, as well as data to receive the message.

Your target market just got bigger:

This means that every single valid cellphone number on your contact list is able to receive your message, and the recipient will read it (and even reply to the message). You can be assured that even the recipients that do not have the latest cellphone handset are able to receive your texts.

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