Bulk SMS Software

WinSMS Bulk SMS Software for Windows PCs

The WinSMS desktop software enables you to quickly and easily send SMS messages to individual contacts or groups containing thousands of contacts. This brings the power of being able to reach staff and customers alike within seconds, right to your desktop!

Features include long messages up to 918 characters, scheduled and repeat messaging, online address book synchronisation, importing of contacts from Outlook or csv files, message templates, custom fields, merge fields, shared address books and much more. Use WinSMS to schedule meeting reminders, product launches, monthly specials and more.

You can download our bulk SMS software now and immediately try it out with a test credits that are added to your account when you register. If you don’t have an account with WinSMS yet, simply go here to sign up at no cost or obligation.


For windows PCs download the  WinSMS software here



Version 3.43 released September 2016 is the latest release of the WinSMS Desktop Client Application.

Version 3.43 includes the following enhancements:

  • Incorporate new WinSMS corporate branding.
  • Log layouts more intuitively and meaningfully configured.
  • Field delimiter choice when exporting logs.
  • Set maximum allowable message schedule date to 2078-12-31.
  • Dolsin digital signing of executable that writes startup preferences to the Registry.
  • New version of Teamviewer remote support application.
  • MS Outlook 2013 support for bug / system info sending.
  • Scroll bar to accommodate longer messages.
  • Various bug fixes.

To upgrade an existing installation of WinSMS, open the software then click on “Online Services” and choose “Upgrade”. To download and install a new installation click on the “Download” button above.

If you need any assistance installing WinSMS please feel free to contact us here or give us a call on 0861WINSMS (0861946767) during office hours.



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