Bulk SMS – Fits right in with health and fitness

SMS is a great way to reach people instantly and cost-effectively. It is direct and personal, and has a 99.9% chance of being opened and read. There is no need to worry about what cellphone handset is receiving the SMS, or any specific applications installed, SMS will be delivered to all cellphones. How can bulk SMS be used for Health and Fitness? Let's find out:

SMS for the health fitness enthusiast:

Keeping to your new year’s resolution of keeping fit, eating cleaner, and living a healthy life, can be a very long and difficult road. Motivation to keep you attending gym, or forcing down a salad, will be looked for everywhere. So why not schedule yourself a message every day at the time that you wake up, inspiring you to get out of bed and get moving? With the WinSMS scheduling facility, daily motivation is quick and easy to set up.

SMS for the personal trainer:

A health and fitness personal trainer has a lot of responsibilities. Keeping track of all their client’s progress, eating plans and appointments can be tricky, and a tiresome task. The WinSMS scheduling facility can again be used to send reminders of client’s appointments, diet reminders and even sending motivational messages as we discussed earlier. Bulk SMS can be used as a powerful tool in simplifying the daily tasks of a personal trainer in the health and fitness industry.

When can you start implementing bulk SMS into your health and fitness lifestyle?

Immediately. Registration will take a few minutes, and the friendly and efficient support department will assist with setting up the WinSMS application, loading your contacts, and sending your first batch of SMS messages.

To register, click the button below and make bulk SMS part of your health and fitness lifestyle and journey. Have any questions? Contact us here.