Send Weather SMS Alerts

With the change of season that our customers in Southern Africa are experiencing, it would be handy to be warned when a bad storm is approaching with a handy weather SMS. Whether you would like to be warned because the business that you run has products out in the open, or would like to know when it is going to rain so that you can move your washing inside, having a personal, direct and instantaneous alert would be extremely helpful.

How easy is it to send everyone an SMS about the weather?

With our desktop and online application (, you will be able to add your contacts, type one message with the SMS warning, select the contacts that you would like to send the message to, and click “Send”. Just like that, all the selected contacts will receive the weather SMS message that you typed out within a few moments.

The WinSMS desktop application:

The latest version of the WinSMS desktop application is aimed at the user that prefers to install a program on their Windows based PC or laptop. The application is very easy to install, and if you do run into any problems, the application includes Teamviewer, a remote support software which enables our support department to remotely connect into your computer to assist you. To download the desktop application, click here and click “Download”.

WinSMS Mobi:

WinSMS Mobi is an online application, which can be utilized by any computer and smart device. It can be accessed by launching your browser and typing the website address: . You will use your WinSMS login details to login to Mobi. Once you have logged in, you will notice that Mobi behaves in a very similar way to the desktop application. The biggest drawing point with Mobi, is that you can access your contacts and send bulk SMS from any smart device, you will not need to carry your hefty computer around with you, which makes it even easier to send an SMS about the weather.

Need help?

As always, our support department is readily available to take your calls and e-mails. Simply contact us here. If you don't have a WinSMS account yet, click here to get started.