Due to worldwide growth in the business-to-customer SMS messaging environment, many countries and territories have introduced SMS message sending regulations.

Regulations typically pertain to the following:

● Time of day that messages may be delivered
● Content of the messages
● Format of the Sender ID (from address) that may be used/displayed. Carriers in certain countries will block SMS messages that are sent from sender ID formats that they do not recognize or support.

Non-compliance with these restrictions may lead to non-delivery of messages, which is why you need to familiarize yourself with the restrictions and conditions applicable to the relevant countries and territories in which you are operating or to which you are sending SMS messages.

The following countries do have special regulations so if you are sending to these countries, please contact us here to ensure that you are compliant.

Australia Brazil Canada China
Denmark Ethiopia Finland France
Hong Kong Hungary India Indonesia
Ivory Coast Jordan Kazakhstan Kenya
Kuwait Malawi Malaysia Morocco
New Zealand Nigeria Norway Philippines
Poland Qatar Romania Saudi Arabia
Senegal Singapore South Africa South Korea
Sweden Taiwan Thailand Turkey
United Arab Emirates (UAE) United States Vietnam Zimbabwe