SMS has been used by many security and IT companies, to alert staff, customers and other devices of important events such as: system shut downs, system reboots, break ins, alarm activation and many more important alerts that need to be delivered to notify the relevant people. SMS has been the go-to for reliable means of communication for years. This is one of the reasons why SMS will not be out dated, even with the modern technology that is being developed today.

How can you implement SMS to your system or application?

The WinSMS API/development tools is freely available to all WinSMS customers to utilize when implementing SMS into their application or website. Developers, when developing alert based applications, can make use of the examples in the WinSMS API to activate SMS capability to send out text alerts reliably, and timeously. To access the WinSMS API, click here.

All OK? Need help? Reply to the SMS received:

WinSMS supports a 2 way communication channel, allowing you to respond to the alert SMS sent, to let the sender (or device) know that all is OK, or provide more information regarding the alert. SMS replies can be forwarded to an e-mail address or cellphone number. This not only opens a 2 way communication channel between you and your recipient, but allows you to resolve alerts quickly, easily, and cost effectively.

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