Bulk SMS

WinSMS provides you the opportunity to reach clients or staff in an instant, while saving you time and money with our bulk SMS service.

Our messaging solutions and bulk SMS products can save your business up to 80% of the usual telecommunications costs.

SMS messaging is a powerful tool when it comes to communication, and usually the preferred method in this day and age.

Instead of wasting time and money with calls to phones, you can simply market your product via message, and any replies will be sent directly to your email inbox or to your cellphone.

Our SMS software can be used from a PC, Mac or mobile devices, and can benefit a business in a variety of ways. This includes product launches, announcement of specials and product information, along with notifications of account statuses or reminders to pay. It can also be useful for campaigns, competitions or notifying staff of meetings or events.

WinSMS also offers the opportunity to send out long messages, of up to 918 characters – which equals six concatenated standard SMSs.

Check out our pricing now to see how our bulk SMS services can benefit your business, or contact a consultant now for more information.