Marketing trends evolve with the fast pace of technology, but that doesn’t mean that your marketing strategy has to be a complicated one.

SMS marketing combined with good Email strategies is the tried and tested way to stay in touch and engage your customers and is still a popular trend in 2022.

It has more global accessibility than any other digital medium and it is cheap and easy to implement. However, in today’s fast-moving world, it is only one side of the coin. The most effective way to reach your clients is SMS and as a duo, Email and SMS are unbeatable.

An SMS is simply a text message. It means Short Message Service and enables you to send text messages via email, phone, or even directly from your website.

Combined with Email, SMS marketing allows you to concisely portray messages in a timely manner to your customers and staff.

Why is SMS so effective?

People read their text messages almost immediately even if they don’t want to because they can’t resist peeking at their phones. That is why they have a read rate of 97% within the first 15 minutes of a message being sent.

Emails are often not opened or land up in junk folders, never to be seen at all. The beauty of the Email and SMS duo is that you can send SMS to your clients from your email if you prefer.

6 Major Factors Why Bulk SMS Is a No-Brainer For Your Company.

  1. SMS is an essential part of an effective marketing strategy and is proven to deliver a consistent ROI.
  2. Fast and Reliable, WinSMS software allows you to reach thousands of people within mere seconds ~ wherever they are.
  3. SMS is the perfect way to engage your customers by informing them of promotions and company news, thus increasing customer loyalty.
  4. Two-way communication with replies routed to your SMS inbox, cell phone, or email means that you can respond instantly to your customer’s requests and confirmations.
  5. Savings! Save each month by using SMS to communicate with staff and customers instead of costly cell phone calls.
  6. SMS is the most effective marketing strategy out there with a read rate of 97% within just 15 minutes of delivering the message.

Learn How To Send And Receive SMS

Getting started with SMS is easy. WinSMS has a helpful support team that can show you exactly how to send and receive SMS.

The WinSMS desktop application and WinSMS Mobi are quick and easy applications to use if you do not have your own application or development to send SMS with.

WinSMS also provides extensive support and documents for integrations with HTML, XML, REST, and FTP for the more technically minded developers. Check out our FREE development tools.

And you can start off with a free trial with test credits so you can try it out.

Need some inspiration? Here are some SMS marketing ideas to use to implement in your marketing strategy.

Start sending Bulk SMS today and watch your business start to grow.