SMS for Fast Food Restaurants

SMS messaging has worked and is still working wonders in the fast food industry. Chains all over the country utilize SMS to get in touch with their customers and staff.

How easy and rewarding would it be to contact your entire customer base letting them know of dinner specials just before they make plans to eat. With SMS, it could not get any easier. Here are a few ways you can use SMS in your franchise:

Coupons – SMS your customers an exclusive deal and entice them to come into your store to use their coupon they received via SMS.

Specials – Let your customers know of specials and discounts that are running for the day, week or month instantly via SMS. A quick and easy way to get your customers to eat at your store.

Trading Hours – Let your customers know when you are open for business via SMS.

Staff Communications – Need an extra cook to come in tomorrow? Send them an SMS and get immediate feedback from them.

Ready to give it a try?

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