SMS for salons and spas – Increase business with a simple SMS!

Salons and spas have been utilizing SMS messaging to stay in contact with their customers and staff effectively for years. SMS for salons and spas is a quick and easy way to get a quick message across to your customers, at a low cost, which means a great return on investment!

Let’s dive into a few ways that you can use SMS for your salon or spa:

Discounts and Specials – Let your customers know that you are running a discount by sending them an SMS. This is a quick and easy method to get your customers to come into your establishment to utilize your discount.

Appointment Reminders – A simple message reminding your customers of their appointments goes a long way. This increases your customer service, and your customers will not want to go anywhere else for their treatments. 

Fill Empty Appointment Slots – If your customers cancel an appointment, don’t let that slot go to waste! Let your customers know that an empty slot has become available and watch them jump to fill it up. When you send an SMS to a customer, they are able to respond in real time to let you know that they would like the appointment.

New Product Arrivals – Let your customers know of new products that have arrived, offer them first option on the products. They will flock in to buy your products as they will be the first to know. Offering personalized packages for each customer will make them feel like they matter to you, which they do.

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