SMS for restaurants – How to get your restaurant full to capacity:

What if you could let all of your customers know of your dinner special right before they start making plans, and get them to eat at your restaurant? That would be extremely powerful and cost-effective, giving you a great return on your marketing investment. SMS for restaurants is a very effective communication tool that wont break the bank, let's have a look at a few ways how SMS can benefit your establishment:

Discounts and Specials – Use tag lines such as “show this SMS to your waiter, and get 10% off your meal”. Not only will you get the customers in to use the special, but also get to see just how well the SMS campaign works. Sending an SMS for your restaurant reminds your customers of your yummy food, so they are more likely to order from you if you offer them a tasty discount at the right time.

“Bring a friend” Specials – Get your customers to bring a friend or 2, and offer them a drink or dessert on the house. This is a quick and easy way to increase feet through your doors. Once they are in, it is up to you to captivate them with your delicious meals.

Reservation Reminders – SMS your customers reminding them about their table reservations. A helpful reminder can go a long way! Sending SMS for your restaurant reservations not only makes sure your seats are filled, but it can and will boost customer service ratings.

Communicate with your staff – Need Freddy to come to work tonight? Send an SMS! A quick and easy way to communicate with your staff.

Sending an SMS for your restaurant has many perks and advantages, so don't delay, sign up your own WinSMS account by clicking the button below. You will also get 10 free credits to test our facility with.