SMS for Seated Restaurants

What if you could let all of your customers know of your dinner special right before they start making plans, and get them to eat at your restaurant? That would be extremely powerful and cost-effective, giving you a great return on your marketing investment.

With WinSMS, sending a bulk SMS allows you to do just that! Whether you are sending messages straight away, or scheduling for a future date, here are some ideas for you to use next time you send an SMS to your customers:

Discounts and Specials – Use tag lines such as “show this SMS to your waiter, and get 10% off your meal”. Not only will you get the customers in to use the special, but also get to see just how well the SMS campaign works.

“Bring a friend” Specials – Get your customers to bring a friend or 2, and offer them a drink or dessert on the house.

Reservation Reminders – SMS your customers reminding them about their table reservations. A helpful reminder can go a long way!

Communicate with your staff – Need Freddy to come to work tonight? Send an SMS! A quick and easy way to communicate with your staff.

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