Whether you are designing a website, or developing an application, it has never been easier to incorporate SMS messaging into your development. The WinSMS Bulk SMS API development tools are a free service provided by the WinSMS developers, and is readily available for any developer to utilize in their development.

First things first:

You will need an account with WinSMS, you can register your new account for free here. This account will be used to send the SMS messages. Your WinSMS account will need a positive credit balance in order for the SMS messages to be submitted to your recipients. Our pricelist can be found here. To purchase credits, simply login to the Client Zone, and click on “Buy Credits”.

After you have activated your WinSMS account, you can head over to our API/development tools page on our website, or for a direct link, simply click here.

The WinSMS Bulk SMS API Gateway supports the following industry standard protocols:

  • FTP
  • HTTP
  • XML
  • POP3 (Email to SMS)

Our API/development tools include free samples for download for the following (you can also download the WinSMS API in PDF format):

  • Web page samples (HTML/ASP/PHP)
  • VB samples (VB.Net / VB6)
  • MS Access sample (.mdb)
  • SOAP SendXms xmsData sample
  • Python sample code, which uses the WinSMS API to send SMS messages. (Python SMS on Raspberry Pi.)

Incorporating bulk SMS into your development with the WinSMS Bulk SMS API can now be quickly and easily done with the WinSMS API/development tools and provided samples. Although, if you do run into any difficulties, please don’t hesitate to contact our support department on: 0861 64 6767, or e-mail: , and one of our technical consultants will assist you. Ready to register and try out our API? Click the button below.