Bulk SMS gateway – How can SMS benefit you and your business?

Whether your business is fairly new or already a player in your industry, one thing is for certain, you have to use a bulk SMS gateway! The benefits of this service is huge, and will vary depending on the nature of each organisation. Below we will highlight how bulk SMS delivery can be used to add value to a company and its interaction with it’s customers.


In today’s world we are constantly bombarded with information, this information overload leads to sometimes forgetting important occurrences, dates, events and promotions. This coupled with the fact that people are always on the go makes keeping in touch with your client that much harder. Your client needs a friendly reminder about schedules or arrangements. A Bulk SMS gateway can be used to inform your customers about the time and location of an appointment or meeting. Reminding a customer of a booked event such as a fitness class, a consultation or an upcoming sale can really improve their perception of the company, especially if they were likely to have forgotten the arrangement. Reducing the number of missed appointments can also save a business time and especially money.

Boost sales:

A bulk SMS service is the perfect way to increase sales for your business, as it is an extremely effective way to promote new products and offers. Keeping in mind that the SMS is way more likely to be opened than an email, which is more than likely to end up in the spam folder.

Notify customers if something goes wrong:

Receiving a SMS is the best way to notify a client about any interruption to their services for example a system crash or in our case Load Shedding. A company reaching out via SMS is a less intrusive way to get your message across without calling the customer while they may be busy at work for instance. A bulk SMS gateway also provides a backup communication channel in case something does go wrong.

Confirm agreements:

A mass SMS service is also a great way to confirm a purchase made via one of your sales people over the phone. It can be the perfect way to confirm what exactly has been offered to the customer after a sale has been made, while reducing any confusion or mix-up in the order. This will not only save your business time and money but also improve the reputation of your business.

Keep customers in the loop:

People love to know what is going on, and even more so when their hard earned money is involved. A bulk SMS delivery service will do just that for you, keeping your customer interested in your campaigns or services. Advertising events or short-term offers by SMS can re-spark interest in your services or products.

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